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How to create a Mini Zine in 9 easy to understand steps

What’s really cool about zines is their accessibility. Anyone can make a zine! This means I can make a zine, you can make a zine, your neighbour can make a zine, and your grandma can make a zine. These mini booklets or zines can be used to make anything weekly planner, coloring book, art project, kids game at a party. So put on your artistic caps and get ready to make some zines.

Materials Required:

  1. Any rectangular paper, US Letter 11X8.5 Inches has been used in this tutorial

  2. Scissors

Step 1

Fold your sheet of paper in half hamburger style

Step 2

Unfold the paper. The sheet is now split into halves. Fold one side of your paper into the middle to meet the crease.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 for the other side of the paper

Step 4

If you unfold your paper you should have four equal sized vertical columns.

Step 5

Fold your paper in half again but this time vertically.

Step 6

Unfold your paper you should now have 8 equally sized rectangles.

Step 7 (Imp)

Fold your paper back in half as shown in image. Now cut halfway in at your crease, this cut will create a opening in the middle of your paper

Step 8

Now you should have a sheet with 8 sections and a slit in the middle. Open up your paper, fold in half like above. Then simply push the ends of the paper in and fold like a small book or pamphlet. Make sure that the printed side is on the outside

Step 9

This is what your small one page zine should look like when you are done.

Easy wasn't it....Share your mini zines on Instagram with #intrikateink to get featured here or even win some free giveaways. If you want to try some coloring mini zines click here.


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