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Hi, I am Surabhi...39 and a mom of two. I am an artist from Gurugram(India). I have majored in Insurance and Risk Management and worked with banking and Investment before I took up Art. Yes, I discovered myself just 6 years back when I realized that the key to happiness is turning your passion into your career. • I work with fineliners and make intricate designs. I love to challenge myself with different concepts. I am a full time freelancer and a part time volunteer at a local NGO. I also make designs for my own coloring books and merchandise. I also take workshops for I love to meet people. • Other than Art, I love to dance. • I am a total foodie and a netflix addict😆 • I am extremely lazy and I can sleep all day if given a chance.• Chocolates and Coffee keeps me happy.• I love to travel in luxury and spoil myself with shopping.😀

Come Join me in this beautiful journey of art!!


Ryan O'Connor,

Tranquil Nostalgia

I worked with Surbahi very closely on a coloring book, Languages of Love, for my company Tranquil Nostalgia. 


Surabhi was an absolute pleasure to work with. Surabhi was extremely patient with me as I worked with her to bring my ideas to life. We worked collaboratively and I was provided multiple drafts and iterations to make sure I was satisfied with the final product. 


Usually I provided some baseline direction for what I wanted, but then found out quickly I should be letting Surabhi drive some of the creative decisions as she always came up with great thoughts and twists on my original ideas.


Surabhi went above and beyond what is to be expected for a working relationship and I am excited to work with her again on more projects in the future.

Lea Kulinowski, Custom Tattoo

I ordered a design for a big shoulder/upper arm tatoo from Surabhikuthiala, and I was not sure what to expect, especially since it is always hard to present what you have in mind to someone in writing. I am thrilled to say that the design was even better than what I expected. Surabhi Kuthiala took into account all my thoughts and preferences, and she was able to include some intricate design which I was not sure we could; I am very, very happy and would wholeheartedly recommend her. She was excellent at communication and very fast working; I am super excited and will recommend her to my friends!

Jaipreet, Jai Project

Surabhi is amazing! Her level of artistry, originality, professionalism & communication are above & beyond anything I could ask for. On our large project she was able to execute high quality work that exceeded my imagination (without elaborate direction). Shes a creative behemoth, a true find. Excellent product. Ease of process A+ THANK YOU SURABHI

Making A Difference

Since 2018 I have been involved with a startup NGO Utkarsh Prayaas Society by a small group of ladies who have committed themselves in providing education to the underprivileged kids of nearby maids and daily wagers. And it is not just book education, it is a holistic development, right from teaching them good manners and good hygiene to providing them with meals and admissions in regular schools. From teaching them yoga and meditation to providing exposure to sports and cultural activities. Isn't that awesome.

In these years I have learnt so much from these ladies and the kids here and I believe It has made me a better person. I am now more compassionate, patient, humane and tolerant.

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Three cheers to all of us here at Prayaas. Hip hip hurray👍

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