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Mandala October 2018

Hi All!!!

This year I am also participating in Mandala October. Not sure if I will be able to finish it as inctober is also on -good thing is it's every alternate day so looks doable. Still I'll try and see how it goes. So here are the illustrations along with their inspiration!!

Message me or leave a comment if you wish to buy any of these Mandala Designs.

Join me in this journey as I will post each days drawing here.

Day 1: Smallest Mandala

Day 2: Disney Mandala

Here are few of my favourites from disney movies...can you spot ur favourite character here???? . I drew it with my usual #mystaedtler 0.2 , 0.8 and 0.05 pigment liners then colored it on photoshop😊

Day 3: Heart Mandala

....this one took more time than expected but I was at total zen while filling the heart with these patterns and black ink😌 . swipe right to see the pattern details.➡ .Hope this cupid strikes you with love for this piece 😀💖💖

Day 4: Moon & Star Mandala

Today #inktober2018 prompt is star and this fits well into it as well i think...but I trying my best to conceptualise a nice thought into a full design. Let see by the end of the day. Wish me luck.💖💖

Day 5: Sea Life Mandala

Drew this with #mystaedtler pigment liner .2mm and .8mm colored on photoshop😊

Day 6: Word Mandala

Here is the word Om for you....the essence of the ultimate reality..the universe...the beginning and end of everything. The one sound, the one syllable from which the all originated. Om is the core..the centre of us..the world.💖

Day 7: Geometric Mandala

.. mandala drawn with staedtler 0.3mm and 0.8mm pigment liners along with all the possible geometry box tools.😀 ..Colors- the ombre colors in the diamond and the flower of life as well as rest of the colors were done on photoshop. . .P.S.-drawing Flower of life and coloring it took forever😢

Day 8: Dotlism/Stippling Mandala

This was my second time stippling ever....😩 although a lot of fun but my over stressed hand is crying for a break now😂well each petal took ten complete minutes...yes i counted😀 Do you like it this take on half and half dotlism and stippling mandala? Share your views💖

Day 9: Dreamcatcher Mandala

...ok so this is a very very big piece as i couldn't stop drawing 😀.. Drawn with staedtler pigment fine liner .2 mm. Colored on photoshop and then the lines were removed. 💖

Day 10: Mandala Tattoo

....I am not a tattoo person..but if i ever get one...i am sure i would want a mandala sternum tattoo. I just love the idea of keeping a beautiful piece just for my eyes.... A beauty that only i can see😊 Thanks to the hosts @carolinastefani @ataraxiaowl @that.crazy.doodler for bringing up this prompt and making me think about my secret desire😉💖💖💖

Day 11: Fall Mandala's a fall wreath mandala for you love the colors??.. ....It took me 4hrs to color this😦

Day 12 Butterfly Mandala

....i am so happy with this is making me generate fully finished artworks...from drawing to coloring and digitalizing 😊 it is not an easy job for a lazy person like me😃 😃but here i am..... ready with 12 of them....just 3 more to go now👍 ...and yes...theres a secret...i have got so involved in this challenge that i am losing interest in the other #INKTOBER2018 challenge🙈🙉🙊..

Day 13: Botanic Mandala

...i had so many mandala ideas in mind for this prompt, but i wanted to have some fun with ink florals .I am and will always be inspired by the lovely @felicityandink tempting floral drawings... .. Thanks to the hosts @carolinastefani @ataraxiaowl @that.crazy.doodler ....for the appreciation always💖💖💖

Day 14: Skyline Mandala

....have you ever been to the Taj? ...Whenever i see it...i am in awe with its majesty....and seeing the sunset there is like a dream come true😍

Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts. And yes, I love challenges, through me some.


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