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Inktober 2018

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Hi All!!!

October is finally here and so is Inktober. An event I look forward to entire year. So here are the illustrations I will make this year along with their inspiration!!

Message me or leave a comment if you wish to buy any of these Tattoo Designs.

Join me in this journey as I will post each days drawing here.

Day 1: Poisonous

Day 2: Tranquil

"If The Mind Is Tranquil And Occupied With Positive Thoughts, The Body Will Not Easily Fall Prey To Disease"- Dalai Lama

Day 3: Roasted

" A coffee bean well roasted is a labor of love, a pursuit of complexities, a reward to savor." -Pour Richard

Day 4: Spell

I've put a love spell on you all😉😀

Day 5: Chicken

Ok so i was not sure if i can handle so much of shading and feathers.....but i think i did pretty ok 😄 .Will love to hear your views on this 💖.

Day 6: Drool

That's how i drool when i see food😂 😂 .the hexagons aren't perfect but that's what you get when you draw in a rush because.... weekend weekend😉

Day 7: Exausted

Well life is as all say......good.. rosy and dreamy.... but here is me......permanently extremely entirely exhausted😀

Day 8: Star

"I have stars in my eyes...and I wish to fly"😊 .This one too fits so well in #mandalatober18 ......that I am now wondering why did i make two😀

Day 9: Precious

It is getting tougher and tougher each day to keep up the pace....and time seems to be flying away🚀 .for me time is the most precious thing right now😀 hence this drawing. time= sloppy work🙈

Day 10: Flowing

Just keep flowing, thats what life is😊

Day 11 Cruel

Yesterday I saw a movie about rape and this came to my mind. This drawing represents a man who is all kind and nice but has cruel intentions inside...thus half satan. . Would love to hear your views on this thought. Also swipe to see the shading work...☺

Day 12: Whale

Did you know whale is symbolic of compassion and is believed to bring you good luck if you see a whale swimming in your dreams. Whales are the keepers of the mystry of the universe and lastly they are known as saviours to sailors.....🐋🐋🐋 . I hope you like it whaly much💖

Day 13: Guarded

yes that is me (guardian angel😉) and my two over protected kids...💑 Well...i wish they sleep such peacefully sometimes😀

Day 14: Clock

Its coffee o'clock ☕

Day 15: Weak

..My body may look weak and broken, but my spirit is strong .. this is my first realistic lion drawing, please ignore his messy hair😀

Day 16: Angular

...i am full one day late with the inktober drawings....but then its the festive season here in India....

Day 17: Swollen

...swollen head with big ego....thinks the world of himself😀

Day 18: Bottle

...a bottle full of hope and dreams for you💖 Don't miss out on the paper pattern on the boat😀...i got so involved in it that i wrote the all the alphabets 😂

Day 19: Scorched

...well i wanted to say some deeper meaning through how my heart gets scorched when i see my art gets stolen😠 .. ...but my 10year old says mumma looks like you have acidity😀.

Day 20: Breakable

...I initially planned to make a bleeding heart in a glass box....but then i saw some inktober posts and they were full of breaking hearts😀 got this severe itch to make something different....and this came out... ....Even the strongest wall is breakable with a little bit of love and peace. 💖 ...Hope you all like it😊

Day 21: Drain

...Its how we are draining away the oceans.😐

Day 22: Expensive

Day 23: Muddy

...Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.💖

Day 24: Chop

..can you spot the onion??😂 I have shown here dreams on one side and the onion on the other.....both when chopped gives tears in the eyes😐

Day 25: Prickly

Day 26: Strech

...a simple and quick one today😊.

Day 27: Thunder

...Thunder tree and thunder antlers by the only Thor😀 Not really happy with this one...but whatever😕.

Day 28: Gift

....the biggest gift......the gift of life😊

Day 29: Double

The double life we live for the social media😐 ... ..Can you relate to this?

Day 30: Jolt

Day 31: Slice

Celebrating with a slice of cake😀😀😀 wanna share???

Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts. And yes, I love challanges, through me some.


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