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DIY 3 Mini Zine Coloring Books

DIY 3 Coloring Mini Zine Books


1) DIY Mini Zine Motivational Coloring
2) DIY Mini Zine Heena Paisley Coloring
3) DIY Mini Zine Zentangle Coloring


Instructions about how to fold a mini zine can be found here


These are 3 Mini Zines for you to color. Its small size makes in possible to carry it in your pocket and color anywhere! Mini Zine can be used as a gift or as an artistic game in a party

DIY 3 Mini Zine Coloring Books

SKU: MZ3001
  • Delivery will be in form of standard US letter size (11 inch by 8.5 inch) Booklet in .pdf format. This will also easily fit into International A4 sheet for printing. The images are high resolution i.e. 300 dpi or higher so larger prints can also be taken out.

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