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Positive Paisley Coloring Book - Instant Coloring Book Download
This is an Adult Coloring Book Set of Beautiful Paisley Designs: Flower Patterns, Heena Patterns, Beautiful Borders and Full Page Patterns, Embroidery Designs, ... Peacock, Stamps, Letter Head, DIY Pattern
You can view the Coloring Pages included in this book at https://www.intrikateink.com/coloring-books
Hailing from the Princely state of Rajasthan (India), I have always been enticed by the beautiful Paisley designs around me in form of Heena, Mehndi, Wall Carvings, Tapestry, etc. This book is an attempt to bring this ancient art to life and to make it available as a coloring book. The beauty, Intricacy & Calmness of Paisleys has always made me happy. I have made an attempt to incorporate almost all the uses of Paisley. This book includes Flower Patterns, Heena Patterns, Beautiful Borders, Full Page Patterns, Embroidery Designs, Motivational Quotes, Bookmarks, Peacocks, Stamps, Letter Head, DIY Pattern & more. Many people ask me why coloring books? My answer is simple, I believe by coloring one has the freedom to create new artworks and self creation brings happiness & joy. I hope these Happy designs bring as much joy to you in coloring as they brought to me while creating. I would to love to see how the designs come out after coloring, please share them at Instagram with #intrikateink or tag me @surabhikuthiala And lastly thanks for buying the book
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