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Mandala Mantra Coloring Book - Instant Coloring Book Download
Mandala Mantra: This is an Adult Coloring Book Set 30 Handmade Meditation Mandalas With Mantras in Sanskrit and English
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Inside this book are 30 Hand Made Meditation Mandalas for relaxation, peace and healing. Each Mandala has a Sanskrit mantra with English translation. The mantras have been chosen as per the theme of the Mandala on that page. Back of the page is blank so that the completed Mandala can be taken out and framed.
The design of the mandala has been created to be visually appealing so as to absorb the mind in such a way that irritating thoughts are unable to get through and a spiritual essence surrounds the individual observing the mandala, which in turn allows the individual a higher consciousness or awareness, almost as though being hypnotised. This allows the busy mind to take a break while the creative mind is allowed to run free. Having said that, the mandala is primarily used as a form of meditation to gain knowledge from within. It is important to let go of the negative feelings while coloring. If they creep back, simply bring your focus and attention back to the beauty of the mandala. I hope you enjoy coloring these pages as much as I enjoyed creating them.
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